My name is Kristine Navin, and I am a professional artist and art instructor. I have
taught K - 5 art full-time for the Fort Zumwalt School District in O'Fallon, MO for ten
years, and I am now offering individualized art instruction for students in grade
levels K - 12 in my caring and lovely home setting. Through my classes, students
can learn about the elements of art and principles of design, and can become
inspired by great artists from a variety of cultures and historical movements.
Children can further sharpen their drawing skills with techniques such as gesture
and contour line drawing and through application of color value (shading,
highlighting, cross-hatching, pointillism, etc.). Students will dive into exciting
media such as charcoal, oil pastel, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, clay, papier-
mache, and more.
I strive to provide quality, motivating art instruction for children in grades two
through six. Could your child be a budding Picasso, Monet, or Nevelson? Does
your child love to draw, paint, sculpt, and perhaps even dream of becoming a
professional artist? Please consider nurturing and enhancing your child's unique
artistic style and talent with my fun  instruction in a small group setting.
I believe that all children are talented artists. My goal is to boost self-esteem, to
encourage self-expression and creativity, and to help each student to reach his or
her own unique potential. With lessons that are focused on individuality, design
elements, art history, higher-order thinking, and, most of all, enjoyment, I can
provide students with a true avenue to pursue art as a pastime and potential
Young artists can pursue general art enrichment classes, multicultural art
adventures (such as African, Asian, and Aboriginal activities), and even cartooning
and seasonal workshops (such as Summer, Halloween, and Christmas crafts). All
classes will be held in my home located in the Hutching's Farm Subdivision.
Summer art lessons will take place in the early afternoon hours. During the fall,
winter, and spring, classes will be held after school.
Thank you for considering my personalized art instruction. I look forward to the
opportunity to nurture your child's artistic growth and development.
Please note that I do custom paintings which include portraits of babies, children,
adults, and pets along with landscapes, still-lifes, botanical subjects (painted
florals, leaf prints, etc.), abstracts, and other subjects upon request. I can work in
a variety of styles and media.
To see examples of my work, please visit my other website for Kristine's Custom
About me
Why do I teach from home?
Teaching art from my home allows me to offer enjoyable and superb
instruction to students. With small class sizes, I can provide attention and
help to each child and work to meet individual learning styles, needs, and
interests. Working from home does enable me to spend more time with my
family and pursue my own professional artwork. But simultaneously, I am
able to offer young artists more personalized instruction of high quality in
this atmosphere.
For example, in a small group setting, students can benefit from a richly
developed "trip to Asia" in which they create authentic Chinese lanterns
with brush painting techniques, sculpt blue and white tea jars with
decorative dragons, construct elegant Vietnamese hats, enjoy Chinese folk
songs, and more! In this atmosphere, my students can build positive
friendships with other children who share their hobbies and interests.
Through this personalized art instruction, students can learn more,
progress further, and truly follow the dream of becoming a professional
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