General Art Instruction:
These art lessons focus on the elements of art and principles of design as
well as meaningful skills. My general art lessons are inspired by great artists
from history such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Louse Nevelson, Henri
Rousseau, and Frida Kahlo. Sometimes these lessons reflect the seasons in
a motivating way. Such lessons also draw upon student interests in animals,
sports, vehicles, etc.
The following is a list of just some of the engaging projects I offer in the
general instruction area:
Cartooning Instruction:
These are lessons that teach fundamental elements of cartooning with
elementary - appropriate subject matter. Students will learn how to create
unique as well as popular human and animal characters showing
expressions, movement, action, and storyline. Students will create and
illustrate comic strips, flip books, and more.
Multicultural Art Instruction:
In these lessons, young artist will "travel" to different continents around the
globe to explore the visual arts, music, crafts, and traditions of exciting
cultures. Students will gain respect for others and will develop sensitivity to
the human experience. Sample cultures to be explored include African,
Asian, Egyptian, Aboriginal, Native American, European, and Polynesian.
For example, in the African workshop, students might create woven baskets,
expressive masks with beads and shells, symbolic jewelry, Kente cloth
designs, and more.
Seasonal Art and Crafts:
These lessons celebrate the beauty and joy of the seasons and holidays
while nurturing respect for a mosaic of cultures. Sample projects include the
following: (Please note that these sample projects are tentative and are
subject to change).
Class Descriptions
The following is a detailed description of the different
classes that I offer.
Impressionistic landscapes
Van Gogh Starry Nights and glowing sunflowers
Audubon - inspired flamingo watercolors
Nevelson - style wooden abstract sculptures
Soda can drawings
Frida Kahlo - style self - portraits with cats and dogs
Wyeth - inspired autumn still-lifes
Contour line beach and sports still-lifes
Native American clay coil spirit vessels
Cubist portrait collages,
Penguin snowscapes
Shimmering snow plow resists
Model car paintings
Clay dinosaurs
Horse portraits with cross-hatching

and much, much more!
Seashell pottery and jewelry
Nature mobiles
Decorated flip flops
Beach still-lifes
Bird mosaics, etc.
Autumn leaf watercolor resists
Clay jackolanterns
Pumpkin and gourd still-lifes, etc.
"Happy Feet" penguin resists
Clay angels
Indian Festival of Lights
Painted snowmen candles holders
Candy cane coil pots
Nutcracker still-lifes and ornaments
Audubon - style contour rabbit drawings
Vegetable prints
Egg ornaments
O'Keeffe - style florals
and more!
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