Students enrolled in the School House Art program will receive certificates
of artistic achievement after each season or quarter of instruction,
celebrating individual growth in specific areas such as gesture drawing,
color value, or Asian studies.
Art Shows
When possible, students will have the opportunity to have their art
displayed in local coffee houses, the YMCA, and other locations. Such
exposure will provide the young artists with the confidence and motivation
to continue to share their art with others.
Community Services
Further, when appropriate, I will encourage my art students to create
optional artwork at home which can help others in the community. For
example, I might hold a contest in cooperation with the Humane Society in
which students draw posters encouraging others to donate money to
homeless animals. I might organize an optional gathering at a local
retirement center in which students bring handmade ornaments and sing
songs of good cheer. Such community service projects will encourage
young artists to use their talent and skills to make the world a better place.
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