Late dropping off to class

If a client is late dropping off their child, they can still attend
the class provided that they are not too late. The fee of $15.00
would be the same. Please try to call me if you think that you
might be late. Thank you.
Since there is no contract between School House Art and my
clients, they are free to discontinue lessons any time they
Payment is due at the beginning of each lesson.

There will be a 20 dollar fee for all bounced checks.
Inclement Weather Schedule:

In times of inclement weather such as snow, I will follow the
same schedule as the Fort Zumwalt School District. If the Fort
Zumwalt School District is closed due to weather conditions,
my classes will be cancelled that day, as well.

In the very rare situation that a child shows highly
inappropriate behavior, (i.e., hitting, inappropriate language,
throwing, etc.) I will handle the situation in a low-key, positive
manner. I will fill out a think sheet in cooperation with the
student and parents, promoting appropriate behavior for
future lessons. Since I am a friendly, positive instructor, and
since class sizes are so small, I anticipate mutual respect
between myself, clients, and all students. However, in the
highly unusual situation that a student would behave very
inappropriately, I would consider asking the family to
discontinue art lessons. (Parents can view a sample Think
Sheet upon request).
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